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Designer babies-Who will get affected?

Let's say that there is a possibility of having designer babies, many people would definitely get affected. Obviously parents and doctors would have to bear with the direct consequences and outcomes. The designer baby and the society would also have to deal with the different circumstances faced.


Parents that chose the option of having a designer baby because they had an unhealthy embryo seriously affected by a deadly disease

It could be a relief to these parents as they would not need to be burdened by the heavy price of having to pay for the endless treatments that their child have to undergo should they decide to choose the designer baby. They could be relieved from this huge financial burden that could be taxing on their lives because they have to keep on thinking of ways to earn more money to cope with the financial crisis that they are facing. They could also avoid all the pain and heartache that they have to bear seeing their precious child undergo agonizing treatments and knowing that their child could never get well again. Choosing the option of having a designer baby to avoid their child from having a preventable disease could prevent the parents from regretting their decision of not consulting a doctor at the first place and ultimately relieve them from the financial, emotional and physical burden.

Parents that chose the option of having a designer baby due to their personal preferences

Well, then they will have to bear the consequences if their child do not turn out as 'perfect' as they think. Parents that have their hopes raised high should be mentally prepared for the worst because the success of the designer babies is not guaranteed. I feel that parents should not be selfish in thinking that they are doing something great by bringing a 'perfect' child into the world because one man's meat can be other man's poison. My advice to parents is to just let nature take its course because every child ought to be perfect in every parent's eyes and seeing a child living happily right before a parent's eye is pure joy because the child is the parent's flesh and blood. Forget about creating the ideal child, embrace nature because beauty is inner deep.


The responsibility of a doctor is to help parents along their journey to parenthood, to advice and guide parents to produce a healthy baby naturally. This is the responsibility of a doctor and should always remain the same. A doctor should never in any case encourage parents to choose the idea of having designer babies over having babies naturally just because of the parents' personal preferences. A doctor can only suggest this method of having a designer baby upon finding out that the embryo is being affected by a deadly disease. It is not the duty of doctors to decide for the parents on what is right but to let the parents know the available options that they have. Having doctors that would carry out the orders of the parents to have a designer baby without telling them the full consequences of the actions changes the values and the duties of a doctor and this is no different from a salesman trying to sell a product to a couple.

Designer babies

Strictly speaking, I feel that designer babies are no different from robots invented at labs that are designed specifically to people's ideas. Even though they are humans, they will ultimately still be very different from ordinary kids that were born via the natural procedures. They can be much superior and have greater advantages over the other normal kids, forming the new power level. This could lead to the isolation of the designer babies because people know that they are not normal in a way that their features were being specifically chosen to cater to their parent's desire. Thus, this could form an invisible barrier between the designer kids and the normal kids, leading to a great emotional burden because they know that they are different from others.

On the other hand, designer babies that were developed because the parents' previous embryos were unhealthy would be able to lead a normal and healthy life because only the gender of the healthy embryo is different from the previous embryo.

The society

As mentioned earlier, only the rich could be able to afford the designer babies, there would be a future division of the rich and poor population. The rich would get richer and more powerful while the poor would just remain at their present status. This results in a tense environment for human beings to live in because the rich do not want to be near the poor and the poor are afraid to be near the rich. There could also be the further discrimination of a certain human population due to a certain feature that is not acceptable in the society; this is a problem which the human race tries so hard to avoid over the years. We fight for the equality of the human race and the invention of designer babies to suit parents' preference would only aggravate this problem.



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